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You gotta die -- but you're not dead for very long!

This may be one of the better lines in my interview with Pastor Eric Shafer for Hope Matters. But that is how resurrection works – right? We let go of who we are now, so we can become who God is creating us to be. That’s how most of us are getting through and even thriving during this pandemic. Not many of our congregations were on Zoom or Facebook live before this – but not many of us want to give it up post-pandemic either!

Eric and I talk about hope and, of course, why it matters. My hope is continually refreshed by the vision of the Kin-dom of God where all nations, tribes and languages gather in the presence of God. That is the hope that motivates me. What is it that motivates you?

I hope something we talk about in this interview inspires you. The v-log is about 18 minutes long. Feel free to treat it like a podcast. I promise, watching us chat is not all that exciting. Also – feel free to brush your teeth or something a bit loud for the first few minutes, unless you want to hear me answer Eric’s questions about my doctorate and the structure of synods. It gets more interesting after that---I hope😊.

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Laurie Harris
Laurie Harris
Feb 18, 2021

Interesting discussion. Thanks for inviting me

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