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for the in-person workshop

I was extremely dubious about spending a Saturday morning in a workshop, even if its title was Living the Resurrection.


I am so glad I attended – so many of the topics we discussed, albeit norms for everyday living, took on new meaning as they were fleshed out in relation to being a thoughtful participant/member of a church congregation. On a journey to alleviating  anxiety, I realize more now than ever I must be aware of other  person’s levels of anxiousness and sometimes feeling ‘dissed’ by my flippant responses or body language.


If I want to introduce a new idea or concept for growth in our church community, I must be an active listener to others approaches, rather than entering each meeting with a pat answer ready for solving a problem. And most importantly, I must engage in a thoughtful way that will elicit opportunities for growth, understanding and continued work on relationship building.


Sounds simple, yet I feel I ‘relearned’ some tools for working with members of my congregation.

Judy Tutt Starr.

Los Angeles, CA
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