Living the Resurrection (LtR)  is committed to helping congregations thrive.  Everything we offer is designed to motivate constructive change. We are motivated by the Biblical vision of the reign of God: where all tribes and nations stand in the presence of the divine, where the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations and where unity and diversity are received as gifts from God. 


 LtR workshops are for congregations that know they need to change, but don’t know how, and maybe aren’t sure they want to try. In moving through change, we walk with all whom God has led out of resistance to change, and into new life. The philosophy of  Appreciative Inquiry (AI)  provides the foundational theory that encourages people to change. The four phases of the AI strategy (Initiate--Inquire--Imagine--Innovate) structure the process. 

Our eighteen-month Living the Resurrection offering is our most complete workshop strategy to help congregations thrive. Small teams of leaders (Learning Teams) from several congregation join to create a Learning Community.  During the workshops, the Learning Community use the tools that each Learning Team will take back and use with their congregations.  The tools are designed to build on the strengths of each congregation so they can live more fully in love with God, one another and their neighbors.

The original materials come from Rev. Dr. Marj Funk-Pihl's  experience developing, implementing and evaluating three separate Learning Communities who have gone through the  LtR  process over the past five years.  Two of the Learning Communities were part of a research study that was the basis of Marj’s dissertation.  For more information on the methodology, validity and findings of the research,  click here .


The materials offered on this website add the wisdom of Rev. Michael Girlinghouse’s work with systemic grief in congregations and Rev.T. Conrad Selnick’s use of Appreciative Inquiry in multiple settings with a variety of goals. 

In addition to the eighteen-month process, we offer three single-day workshops. These workshops provide the opportunity to practice the appreciative inquiry process to achieve the various goals of the workshops.   The Grieving Loss, Discerning Hope and Building Resilience Workshop  provides the opportunity for participants to use loss to motivate hope-filled action towards their preferred future. In the  Channeling Experience and Energy to Motivate Change workshop  folks practice moving through the four phases of the  AI  strategy using the scenario of going on vacation together. The Exploring Living the Resurrection workshop provides a taste of what being part of the eighteen-month Living the Resurrection process.