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The focus of Strategic planning is identity and mission. It is a highly contextual and a helpful process which we design for each congregation.  We offer everything from a single consultation, to an eighteen month commitment to work with the congregation from articulating their purpose, values and mission through writing goals, implementing action plans, and evaluating results. 

Guided Process: 

Goal: For your congregation to be able to:

  • articulate their core values

  • clarify their purpose

  • participate in the mission of God your town

  • have a clear vision of where God is leading

  • develop a set of goals

  • design action plans and implement fully

  • evaluate progress and

  • celebrate what God is doing

  • decide on the next faithful steps

We offer two options for achieving these goals.

Option 1:

Contract with Living the Resurrection for between one year and eighteen months, though  

the contract could be extended by a few months if something happens that gets us behind schedule.

First step: your congregation recruits a Strategic Planning Team. Pastor Marj will train the team via Zoom sessions so that they can do the preparatory work for each workshop. When the team has completed the necessary work, Pr Marj will come and facilitate the workshop. 

The three Workshop Weekends could look like this:

  • Pastor Marj arrives on Friday and meets with the team in the evening.

  • Saturday workshop with the team and select congregation members (5 hours)

  • Sunday worship and session (1.5- 2 hours) with the congregation.


The process includes  eight to ten 90 minute Zoom training sessions with Pastor Marj, and or other member of the Living the Resurrection Team. 

Cost for 3 Workshop Weekends and eight to ten Zoom sessions = $9,500

Plus expenses for travel from San Luis Obispo, CA to congregation, housing, and meals for each of the 3 Workshop Weekends.

Option 2

Same process as above except that Pastor Marj would facilitate the first two workshop weekends and the team would facilitate the last one. We would need to add 2-3 more online sessions to train the team to do this.

Cost for   $7,500.

Plus expenses for travel from San Luis Obispo CA to congregation, housing, and meals for each of the 3 Workshop Weekends.

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