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Leading Change:
Theory and Strategy

Contrary to Borg wisdom, when it comes to change, resistance isn’t futile.  Nothing stops a new idea like a complaint.

Bias and Defense Mechanisms: Theory and Practice

Challenging the way individuals define themselves triggers their psychological defense mechanisms. Denial is probably the most famous defense mechanism, but there are forty-seven others, all of which serve a common goal: to shield us from shame and blame.

Becoming a
Community Church

How can you engage your neighborhood? By becoming three things 1) an anthropologist, 2) a tourist and 3) a missionary.  Learn how with Rev. Liz Bell's help!

How to Motivate Change: Theory and Strategy

“Give them the facts. When folks understand the facts, they’ll see the need to change and do it.” I fell for this adage, but...                   

Channeling Emotions Toward Constructive Outcomes: Theory and Practice

Reality is not objective, we build it for ourselves. We do this as individuals and as people groups. The good news is that since we constructed it -- we can deconstruct it and then construct it in a new direction. To do this we need to understand our emotional landscape, name our feelings, and then choose to channel them toward a constructive outcome.

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