Discover and Invite: Mission exploration in a time of pastoral transition

This process will help a Call Committee recognize and call a pastor that will support the congregation’s participation in the mission of God in their neighborhood. The framework  is a strategic planning tool called “SOAR.”  Through much prayer, reflection on scripture, and collaborative information-gathering activities, the Call Committee will lead the congregation to:

  • discover and articulate their Strengths and Aspirations,

  • name several Opportunities they have to work with their neighbors,

  • and describe a path toward the Results the congregation would like to pursue.

The completed SOAR will support the call committee as they fill out the MSP, design questions, interview, and then consider each candidate.

Four 90-minute sessions.

Cost if I facilitate the process with a Call Committee: $1,200.

Cost if I train a group of leaders to facilitate the process with lots of Call Committees: $1,600.

Discern and Decide:
a Mission-focused decision-making process.

This strategic process is tailored to the decision the congregation needs to make. The council appoints a team to lead the congregation through the process using collaborative information-gathering activities that involve the whole congregation.  The initial focus is to discover and articulate how the congregation expresses and experiences their love for God, one another, and their neighbors. The framework is the SOAR assessment tool that helps congregations identify their strengths and aspirations as well as opportunities they may not have noticed before.  Through this process, the congregation will consider the results that the options they are considering create and how those results align with their place in the mission of God at this time in their life.

This process includes six 90-minute sessions.

Cost if I lead a congregation team through the six sessions: $1,800.

Cost if I train a group of leaders to lead the process with several congregations: $2,200