Discover and Invite: Mission exploration in a time of pastoral transition

When anxiety is high it's impossible to think about mission, purpose, and all the other categories the Ministry Site Profile of the ELCA wants congregations to think about in their time of transition. Don't get me wrong -- these are all good things to discuss, but it takes a special process to guide a congregation through it.

The goal of the kit is to: 

  • Reduce Anxiety by focusing on purpose and belonging.

  • Expand Imagination by providing activities that inspire new thinking.

  • Frame the conversations so that honest dialogue celebrates the uniqueness of the congregation, understands the possible consequences of its situation, and proposes a feasible future.       


Here’s what’s included:

  • a basic step-by-step process that a council or transition team can use with their congregation.

  •  an expanded version that builds on the basic one by adding more congregational activities. This version benefits from the support of an experienced lay person or the Transition coach/pastor or interim. 

  • a few activities and resources synod staff can recommend to congregations as they see fit.  


Cost of Toolkit: $250 per synod.


Cost if Pastor Marj facilitates the process via ZOOM with a Call Committee/Transition team: $1,200.


Cost if Pastor Marj trains a group of leaders to use the tools in the kit via ZOOM: $750.


Discern and Decide:
a Mission-focused decision-making process.

Under Construction -- coming soon!