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How can you think about changing anything when you know there are at least a few folks who will make a huge fuss?! 


This workshop will help.


Participants will learn the principles and strategy of appreciative inquiry by practicing them! For the sake of learning, participants will pretend they are a congregation so they can practice moving through the four stages of the appreciative inquiry strategy. 

Initiate: Participants will learn the principles behind appreciative inquiry and begin to put them into use!

Inquire: Participants will begin their inquiry by interviewing each other. The questions they'll use will help them learn about what matters most to the people in the group (the pretend congregation). 


Imagine: After listening to everyone in they will understand what the group treasures most. They will build on these values and work to get a vision of a feasible future for the group. 

Innovation: With that vision in mind, they will decide what the first faithful step forward would be and design an innovation that starts the group on that journey.  The innovation won't be anything huge, just the next step.


If you want to learn more about appreciative inquiry, click the button below. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will understand how to use the principles and strategy of appreciative inquiry when they want to motivate their congregation to accept something new.

​Workshop length: 3 hours.

​Available through Zoom for $700.

Available in-person for $700 plus travel time and expenses.

Click button to "Contact us" in message write Motivating Change.

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