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Hopeful Frustration: Listening to Our Emotions

Since our brains are hardwired to hold on to the negative, frustration comes easily to most of us.  That’s neurobiology. But staying frustrated leads to cynicism, which is distancing and debilitating.  Let’s talk about emotions and how they layer and overlap.  What is under frustration? If we dig, can we find grief and then maybe hope?  In this conversation, we’ll learn about emotions and practice a meditation technique. My goal for you is the same as Nelson Mandela’s for all of us: “May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears.”

Workshop length: 75 minutes

Available through Zoom for $250

Available in person for $250 plus travel expenses.




If frustration has a hold on you and the slippery slope toward cynicism is calling, this three hour workshop will give you some new skills to rekindle your hope.  

In the gospel of Mark, we meet a woman with a hemorrhage who suffered for 12 years. Like us, she was frustrated by what she could not control. She did not lose hope. Her hope was strong enough to motivate her to act. She touched Jesus’ clothes which caused him to stop and insist that she tell him “the whole truth.” Through journalling, one on one interviews, and a personal proposal process, this workshop will give you an opportunity to articulate the truth of a situation that frustrates you, to discover the loss and hope under the frustration, and, let hope guide you to constructive action for your future.


Augustine of Hippo said: “Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”   Gather those who lead with you and schedule this workshop soon. 

Workshop length: 3 hours.

Available through Zoom for $700.

Available in-person for $700 plus travel time and expenses.

Hopeful Frustration: The Retreat

is also available as a retreat with 3 or 4 sessions and a worship service.

Prices start at $1200 for 3 sessions plus Travel time and expenses.

Hopeful Frustration: A Practical Process

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