One Day Workshops

Our one day workshops are a great way to begin listening, learning and innovating. Each of these workshops use the 4-I change strategy of  Appreciative Inquiry  and can be done via video conferencing or in the physical presence of one another. We are always interested in designing new workshops, so if you think of a context you'd like to explore, please use the "contact us" tap and let's look into the possibilities! 

Contact us  for a more detailed look at any of the workshops. 

Motivating the Exhausted

This pandemic has gone on and on.  It's taking a toll on everyone in just about every area of our lives. People are frustrated, resentful, even angry, and that is actually a good thing. This 3 hour workshop will give you tools to lead your congregation to channel their exhaustion and frustration in creative ways that inspire curiosity and lead to positive change.  Appreciative inquiry will provide the strategy and the underlying principles, so you'll learn a bit about that too. 

 Channeling Experience and Energy to Motivate Change 

Introducing the practice of Appreciative Inquiry

This four-hour workshop introduces the philosophy and strategy of Appreciative Inquiry. Participants are invited to pretend they are one big family that wants to go on vacation together.  All they know is that they have one week for vacation and a budget of $500 per person. Using the Appreciative Inquiry strategy, they will come up with a vacation that everyone is excited about!  They will also learn how the AI process works and begin to brainstorm about how they can use the philosophy and strategy in their congregation.

 Grieving Loss, Discerning Hope and Building Resilience 

Using Appreciative Inquiry to recognize strength in times of loss

This five-hour workshop introduces the philosophy and strategy of Appreciative Inquiry and puts it to use to help people experiencing loss. The COVID-19 pandemic has given many of us an occasion to grieve and an opportunity to talk about what may have been hidden before.  Grief is a response to the loss of someone or something a person treasured.  Appreciative Inquiry helps participants identify what was valued and bring what was treasured into the future. Participants will leave with a way to work from a place of hope to strengthen themselves and their congregations.

Exploring Living the Resurrection

Introducing the LtR process

This four-hour workshop provides a taste of the eighteen-month Living the Resurrection process. It begins with participants exploring the Biblical basis for joining in God’s mission with their neighborhood.  With this basis established, the group uses the “4-I” change strategy of Appreciative Inquiry.  They practice the “Inquire” stage by interviewing one another asking the question: What do you treasure most about your congregation? They gather key words and emphatic phrases from the interviews and vote to discern which of these carry the most meaning for the group. They use these words and stories to “Imagine” a new future and then design and “Innovation” that helps the group take the first step toward that desired reality. By the end of the workshop they understand that the eighteen-month process will move through the 4-I cycle twice: the first will focus on discovering the core values of the congregation, and the second will live out their values by discovering neighbors willing to work with them for the good of the neighborhood they share.