Keynotes and Consulting

to inspire new ways to help your congregation. 

Keynotes or Zoom Conversations

Everyone on our team is open to the possibility of speaking at your event. We can develop a keynote for your context on any of the following topics:

  • Finding Hope in Exhaustion -- with Marj Funk-Pihl.

    • This relentless pandemic continues to exhaust all of us. Fatigue is on the surface, but what is underneath it? In this conversation we will identify the various emotions that are wearing us out and discover how to use them to generate constructive actions.

  • Embracing God’s Future without Forgetting the Past -- with Michael Girlinghouse  

    •  A conversation about grief, loss, nostalgia and congregational life. Most congregations can remember a time in the past when there were families and children in full pews.  We will learn how to work through our grief over the loss of the “glory days” and learn how we can draw strength, courage and vision for the future from our memories of days gone by. 

  • Grief and Growth - with Michael Girlinghouse

    • Learn more about the grief process and how we can work through our experiences of loss in healthy ways that can lead to personal growth.

  •  Creative Tension - with Michael Girlinghouse

    • Wherever two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name, there will be differences of opinion, disagreement and a diversity of perceptions and experiences.  Guaranteed.  The question is not whether or not there is conflict in congregational life, but how we work through the inevitable conflicts that arise and use them creatively to strengthen and grow our ministries.


The Rev. Dr. Marj Funk-Pihl offers the following services to strengthen the vitality of congregations:

  • You and Pastor Marj work to design, implement and evaluate a process specific to your context.

  • Pastor Marj evaluates your existing vitality process and makes recommendations for improvements

The Rev. T. Conrad Selnick is available to work with congregations, or organizations. 


The 18-month vitality processes includes coaching both during the implementation of the process and for 3 sessions afterward.  Coaching after the 1 day workshops can be arranged.