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Does this happens in your congregation. You've done all you can do. You put something in the newsletter and the bulletin and announced it in worship, but somehow you still hear that folks didn't know anything about it.  Why aren't they hearing you?  

We can help!

How come I didn't hear about that? 

Communication skills that work.




Participants will:

  • create, establish, and maintain agreements for working together. 

  • learn the difference between mass media-based and relationship-based communication techniques.

  • understand why folks resist change.

  • practice a relationship-based communication strategy.

  • recognize early signs of conflict.

  • hear about the traps of magical thinking and discover real options.

Available through Zoom - in two ninety minute sessions: $700

Available in person as a single three hour workshop: $700 plus travel expenses.






How come I didn't hear about that? 

Communication skills that work.

DIY Resource



Same topics as the workshop above, only this resource is written so that you can lead it and work with an event or situation your congregation needs to consider.  The three 75 minute sessions can be done during a council/leadership retreat, or on three separate meetings, whatever works for you.   It's fully scripted, all you have to do is read it and work with your team to apply the activities to your work.  

This resource will be available by March 1st. Sample chapters should be available by mid-February. 

Special Preorder price: $75

After March 1st  price: $95

Click the "Pre-Order" button below. It will take you to our "Contact Us" page. In the message section, write that you'd like to pre-order "How come I didn't hear about that? DIY

For a sample of the tools included in the DIY version of "How come I didn't hear about that?" Click the "Sample" button and scroll through the Free Resources until you find "Taking the Temperature of your Congregation. "
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