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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw said that a long time ago, and it’s still true. Congregational leaders communicate with members through newsletters and bulletins, but they still hear folks say: “How come I didn’t hear about that?” Bet you've heard that too. 

Communication is about so much more than advertising, however. Abraham Maslow, motivational psychologist and pioneer in understanding human needs, established that people have a strong need to belong. Part of that need is the desire to contribute to the life of the group. When someone feels excluded, it threatens their need for belonging.

Beyond the Bulletin is a workbook that will help you guide your congregational leaders to communicate with their members in a way that demonstrates they are a valued part of the congregation.

Each 90 minute session fulfills three objectives which work to meet the overall goal.

Session 1 Attitude

Your council or team will  (1) learn about the three elements of an effective communication strategy: attitude, structure and process; (2) discover how emotions and stress impact the ability to communicate well; (3) explore practical ways to calm themselves, individually and as a team.

Session 2 Structure

In this session your council or team will (1) learn about the pillars of good structure, (2) choose a project or situation from your context to practice, and (3) build a structure for your project.

Session 3 Process

 Your council or team will (1) design a process to involve the congregation, (2) learn about the two channels of communication, and (3) create a communication plan that includes both

This workbook is for congregation councils/teams, boards, teams—any group that needs to communicate with a larger community.  The sessions can be done through meeting once a month, or as a three session retreat.

Price: $95

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