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March 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 11

The Smudge We Bear

A couple of poems are carrying me through this Lent. I’ve always loved Jan Richardson’s Ash Wednesday poem “Blessing the Dust.” This season I added Kate Bowler’s Ash Wednesday poem to my devotion time. Both poems speak the truth to me, and maybe to you too.

First from Kate:

God today my finitude is rubbed on my forehead.

The reality of my limits, my fragile body,

spoken over me like a curse:

from dust I was made

to dust I will return.

when my body betrays me…

or perhaps it is doing exactly

what it is supposed to do.

Tell me again

exactly how you made me:

from dust to dust.

A couple of unwanted new health issues have made this Lenten season a reminder of “the finitude and limits of my body.” This is not the fun part of life. But it is part of it. Part of being dust. And yet Jan reminds us that we are marked…

for claiming what God can do

within the dust

within the dirt

within the stuff

of which the world is made

and the stars that blaze

in our bones

and the galaxies that spiral

inside the smudge we bear.

As Ash Wednesday’s smudge becomes Easter’s stardust, let us claim what God can do with dust.

Kate Bowler. 2023. The Lives We Actually Have. page 89-90

Jan Richardson. 2016. “Blessing the Dust” from Circle of Grace: A book of blessings for the seasons.

More dust, this time held together with gold.

Latest blog: How to put the pieces back together.

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