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March 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 11

Who We Are--> Who We Could Become

I suspect that when you said "yes" to my asking if you wanted to be on my email list you accepted because I said I'd only send you a blog and a newsletter once a month. I think I've been good about that. However, I now have a new ask.  I want you all to know who we are, and to take advantage of us.  We are about 250 folks who care about congregations and want to help them grow stronger in their relationships with God, one another, and their neighbors.  We are mostly ELCA, with an Episcopalian or two (thank you Conrad!)  as well as a few others.  We are DEMs and Bishops, Rostered and Lay. My hope is that we can learn from each other.   


To that end; when something in a blog tweaks your interest, please comment on the blog post (either on the website or on Facebook). Don't get me wrong -- I appreciate the emails - but no one else benefits from your wisdom when you only share your words with me.    Also, if you have ideas for a zoom conversation topic or workshop we could offer, I would LOVE to hear from you -- any way you want to connect.

Let's do more with this great group!!  Thank you! 

My latest blog has generated a lot of comments (mostly as emails to me -- see above). If you missed it -- here's the link. 

 I appreciate the trust you place in me when you ask me to lead a conversation or workshop in your synod. My gratitude goes out to the synods who were first to sign up for the Finding Hope conversation as well as the Motivating the Exhausted workshop!   MANY Thanks to these synods of the ELCA: Northern Great Lakes, North Carolina Southeastern, Virginia, Alaska, Pacifica, Southwest California and Southwest Pennsylvania. I don't take your trust lightly.  


If you want to know more about either of these offerings, click the button below.

Yours in the mission of God where you are

the Living the Resurrection Team.


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