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June/July 2023 Newsletter

What to do when people ignore the facts.

I hate it when people ignore the facts. Especially when it's me doing the ignoring. Why do we do that? Can we overcome it? Read this month's blog and download the free resource to learn more.

Turns out, mandatory diversity training programs are not very effective. People don’t like to be told what to do, and they don’t agree with any implication that they are racist. Considering our defense system, that’s not surprising. To successfully cross cultural barriers a more subtle approach is needed.

Learn more by downloading the Bias and Defense Mechanism Resource -- FREE

Come see Conrad and me!*

Are you going to be in Phoenix this summer for the Rostered Leaders Gathering? Me too! There'll be a HUGE "Interaction Room" and Living the Resurrection will have a table there! Conrad and I will be there and ready to play a round of Vitality Quest with you -- or just chat!!


*Sorry I don't have a picture of Conrad behind the table, and my photoshop skills are limited. He is more than a floating head -- come and see!



I’ll be offering two workshops:

 On Tuesday afternoon:

Hopeful Frustration: Listening to Emotions


   On Wednesday afternoon:

Hopeful Frustration: A Practical Process.


You know it will be WAY TOO HOT to go outside – so stay cool and attend my workshop!  Once you’ve experienced Hopeful Frustration you can decide if it would be helpful to share in your context and we can book it for the Fall.

Pastor Mike Girlinghouse is the interim chaplain for the ELCA and Episcopal Church at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ.  Through Gracepoint Renewal Ministries and in partnership with Living the Resurrection Pastor Mike offers workshops, programs and presentations on grief, loss and nostalgia in congregational systems based on his book Embracing God's Future without Forgetting the Past (Fortress Press, 2019) and strength-based mission and strategic planning.  Formerly the Bishop of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod, ELCA, Pastor Mike has extensive experience working with congregations in transition, exploring change, looking to expand mission or moving toward concluding their ministry. Contact Pastor Mike at


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