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January 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 11

Here's an idea! 

 How about having your communications person "Follow" us? Then if they see something on our page that is relevant to what you are doing - they can share it to your site!  Feel free to share the blog or any Facebook posts on your congregation's or synod's sites!

If you didn't get the January  Blog yet - click here. 


The scenarios in this blog are true. They were told to me by friends this past week.

We are not doing very well.

Upcoming Events for the Southwest and Pacifica Synods of the ELCA


Thank you to all who attended the Exploration workshops. Now we are on to the real thing!  The first official workshop of the 18-month process will begin in February! You can attend -- even if you haven't attended any other workshops. We don't need a commitment until mid-March.  But don't miss workshop 1! 

Yours in the mission of God where you are!

the Living the Resurrection Team.


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