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February 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 11

18-month process underway in the SWCA and

Pacifica Synods of the ELCA! 

YAY!! Celebrate with me!  February saw the first workshops of the Living the Resurrection process. Eleven congregations formed two learning communities to begin the journey.  The Holy Spirit is blowing! People are saying: We have to do this and now is the time!  Please keep them in your prayers! 


If you would like to talk about learning how to facilitate this process with your congregation or in your synod/diocese, please contact me at

Lenten Facebook Post Series


Are you looking for something to post for Lent in Facebook?  I designed a series and am happy to share it with you to use in your synod/diocese or congregation.  The Wednesday posts are based on Joel 2:12-13: Return to the Lord, while the Sunday posts are mainly from the Gospels (Isaiah 55 snuck in there too).  In addition you'll find Ash Wednesday and Holy Week posts as well as a couple of relevant quotes and thought provoking questions. If you'd like access to the folder, pleas email me at

Lenten Blog 

You probably already received the Lenten blog -- sorry. I haven't quite mastered the scheduler part of this. I meant to schedule it for Ash Wednesday -- but to offer it to you all (my beloved subscribers:) early incase you wanted to use it in your communications. Christian Nationalism is STILL with us and we still need to work to recognize and dismantle it. This blog and the ones linked to it are a series of stories on the impact of the underlying ideologies of Christian Nationalism on us.  If we identify the impact, we can begin to dismantle the structure brick by brick. 


Yours in the mission of God where you are!

the Living the Resurrection Team.


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