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August 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 11

On Saturday August 12th, teams from 9 congregations completed our vitality process. I am so proud of them! They started in February of 2021. COVID didn't keep them from signing up for an 18-20 month commitment, nor from actively participating in this challenging process.


Not only did they dedicate 8 Saturdays -- the WHOLE day plus travel, they did a HUGE amount of work between workshops!! Life happened -- one congregation sold their building and moved, another had a fire in the sanctuary. Nothing kept them away.


Now - thanks to California Lutheran Homes and Community Services for the funding -- there are 9 congregations who actively live in love with God, one another and their neighbors!


To God be the Glory!

This time we are working together to offer a series of four workshops to the people of the Southwest California and Pacifica synods for FREE.

The first workshop is called:


Lowering the Anxiety of Your congregation


Participants will:

·        Understand organizational anxiety.

·        Recognize early signs of conflict.

·        Create & maintain agreements for working together.

·        Learn communication techniques that work.

·        Build on the prayer resources of their congregation.

·        Discover strategic alternatives to magical thinking.


Each workshop will be offered twice in both the Pacifica (November) and Southwest California (October) synods. Registration for the SWCA workshops is open now! Click the button below.


If you're in a different synod -- check out the SPOTLIGHT section below. 

Telling the WHOLE truth.

Jesus made room for the woman to tell her whole truth.

And she did.

We don’t do that. We rarely make room to hear others, and we rarely tell our whole truth. But when we do…

If you haven't read this months blog yet-- please do-

it's not that scary.

The Analytical Meditation I offer in the Channeling Your Emotions resource is based on one in "The Book of Joy" by Bp. Tutu and the Dalai Lama. It helps me -- and I think it will help you too! Its not the "om shanti shanti" type of meditation. Check it out!

Oh what fun we had!

Conrad and I may look a little wilted -- it was 118 outside after all -- but we had a great time meeting so many of you! We added 35 people to our email list, and BONUS -- I got to meet many of you in 3D for the first time! Biggest shock -- Bishop Matthew Riegel. I'd only seen him from a far at churchwide assemblies, where he appears a tad intimidating. Imagine him in t-shirt and shorts riding an adult trike. Yeh - not scary at all.

Lowering the Anxiety of

your Congregation

Are you worried about the anxiety in your congregation(s)?

Do folks seem reluctant to try – just about anything new?

Do you want to know how to help?

I can bring this workshop to you. The original workshop is 2 1/2 hours and in person. It will also work great via ZOOM - if that's a better option for you. We can even break it into 2 sessions if that helps you and your folks.

For details and pricing click the button below


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