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April 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 11

Two New Offerings for Summer and Beyond!


Mission Exploration Process 

This process is for congregations at a critical juncture in their life together.  Maybe they’re facing a difficult decision regarding property or staffing. Or they’re in transition between pastors.  The Mission Exploration process is designed to equip congregations to make informed decisions about their future by helping them discern who they are in this moment and where God is leading them.


The six sessions include activities to fill in a SOAR assessment table. SOAR stands for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results. The goal is to determine which Aspirations align with the current Strengths and Opportunities of the congregation: Which of our dreams are we most equipped to pursue?  


Mission Exploration Training

What if you know that many congregations in your synod/diocese need such a process- but they can’t the cost?  How about recruiting a team to train as Mission Exploration Process leaders for your jurisdiction?  You and a team from your synod or diocese work with Rev. Dr. Marj Funk-Pihl to learn how to lead congregations through the process.  Consider inviting another synod/diocese or two to join you and split the cost!


If you want to know more about either of these offerings, click the button below.

Latest Blog

So-- maybe this wasn't the best thing to say for the Easter season --but...

Question of the Month

Where do you see a gap between your resources and what congregations need?  Is there something we could develop that would help you fill that gap?


Send me an email with your ideas!

Team Updates!

Bishop Michael Girlinghouse

Mike presented the keynote lecture at the Alaska synod assembly. He based his talk on some of his book “Embracing God’s Future Without Forgetting the Past,” and focused on how grief works in congregational systems, and how we can draw strength from our nostalgic memories for the sake of the future. Bishop Mike was also one of the presenters for Church World Service's "Caring in Crisis: Leaders Briefs" series.


The Rev. T. Conrad Selnick

In addition to being our resident expert on strategic planning, Conrad is also a licensed substance abuse counselor. He recently spoke at two conferences for substance abuse clinicians on Spirituality and Addiction. “Addiction dysfunction in brain circuitry leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social, and SPIRITUAL manifestations” (American Society of Addiction Medicine). Conrad encourages his clinical colleagues to treat the spiritual side of addiction in patients or “any faith, or no faith.” 


The Rev. Dr. Marj Funk-Pihl

The two Learning Communities working their way through our Congregational Vitality Process are heading into workshop three and doing very well. A congregation in the Southwest Pennsylvania synod is on their second Mission Exploration session.  I joined Mike at the Alaska synod assembly by facilitating a Finding Hope in Exhaustion!  Next, I’m presenting Finding Hope and Motivating Exhaustion in the Southwest California, Pacifica, Southwest Pennsylvania, and Arkansas-Oklahoma synods.


(and - yes - I noticed and kinda like how awkwardly sized these pictures are. As I learn more I'll do better).


Yours in the mission of God where you are

Your Living the Resurrection Team


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