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September 2023 Frenetic Fall Fun

Updated: Mar 11

Fall is falling – even here in Southern California. We don’t get dramatic changes. Instead, we pay attention to the difference in the light, and the feel of the air. The angle of the sun makes the stubble on the hills shine golden. It’s still warm, but it takes all day to get there, and then slowly cool down. Its gentle and some kind a wonderful.

If you are thinking about doing something new for Fall, consider this: congregational change should come on like autumn in SoCal. Too much too soon threatens folks and the response is the fight, flight, or freeze patterns that we know so well. A series of smaller disruptions are more easily tolerated and...can build to the your full vision for the future.

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Where in the World is

Pastor Mike Girlinghouse?

There's nothing like those first few days in a new place and in a new role to remind you of the gift of getting lost. It's disorienting, as Mike says: "I thought I knew where it was. I turned a corner, and another, and another and another, wondering who had moved the building on me." But Mike being Mike, meets folks and starts conversations. The three questions he asks are a lesson in appreciative inquiry. Read his blog to find out more.

Becoming A Community Church

A dear friend and colleague of both Mike and Marj, Pastor Liz Bell, says that all congregations and ministries need to become "anthropologists" and "tourists" in their own communities; to explore, re-learn the culture. Getting a little lost can help us discover hidden gems, and see at the community with the eyes of a newcomer, a visitor, an outsider. Our free resource for this month is her guide to help us explore our community. Download by clicking the button below.

A NEW Leadership Retreat Resource

Every organization is at least a little anxious--unless its dead. The goal is to minimize it. This resource will help you help your congregation to "Keep Calm and Carry On" through a change process.  


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