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July 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 11

My Summer Project

(besides painting the ceiling in the den). 


I've heard from a few of you that congregations in the transition between pastors need more support.  Congregations that have to make a difficult decision also need more support, but not the same kind. I got a bit stuck thinking about how to use Appreciative Inquiry in these contexts until it hit me: these two scenarios aren't appropriate for a change strategy (like AI). 


What these folks need is a strategic and collaborative information-gathering process that will keep them from making decisions based on the personal opinion of a few cranky members.  


In that light: here are two new offerings. I haven't worked out all the details yet -- you can help me with that - but here's the big picture.

Don't miss the moment!

Does it catch you off guard when someone responds to your cheerful "How are you?" with something other than "I'm okay?"  Let's dig into why that is and how to respond with something better than surprise.


This builds a bit on last month's blog - so if you liked that one- you might like this one too:).

As we wrap up Spring and head into Summer I want you to know that I appreciate the risk you took when you asked me to work with your folks. 9 synods held Finding Hope in Exhaustion conversations and most also held Motivating the Exhausted workshops!

Thank you so much to the Bishops, A2B's, and DEMs of these synods: Alaska, Arkansas-Oklahoma, North Carolina, Northern Great Lakes, Pacifica, Southeastern, Southwest Pennsylvania, Southwest California, and Virginia

I know from the feedback forms after the events, that your risk paid off. I'm going to post some of the comments on and Endorsement page soon (another project so you'll see them too.

Question of the Year!


Where do you see a gap between your resources and what congregations need?  Is there something we could develop that would help you fill that gap?


Send me an email with your ideas!


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